Hi. I'm not sure if I do have sciatica or not, but I do have a real problem with leg pain, in my right leg.

I am 28 years old. When I am walking, or standing for too long, or happen to twist or stand a certain way, I get a sharp electric-like pain all through my right leg from the buttock and down mostly through the back of my leg.
Sitting usually helps and taking Tylenol Extra Strength or Advil. When the pain strikes it makes me bend at the knee and it is very painful to stand or walk on my leg. I really noticed when I was pregnant (3 times) that during the end of my term I couldn't walk.
The doctor told me it was a pinched nerve in my back from all the weight of the baby and when I delivered, the pain will go away within the next 6 months. Well, it did go away, but during last year the similar pain was coming back. My mom is the one who said I have sciatica, but she is just my mother, a I am doing my own search on the net.
Yes, I have gone to my family doctor and he said it could be one of four things (which I don't remember, he used fancy medical terms and the only one I understood was arthritis). He told me to wait till the condition lasted a week and come back so he can see me at my worst...something didn't sound right there either!?

I hope you can tell me what condition this is and what from.



What you describe sounds like a nerve is being pinched. Usually a disc pushing on the nerve root in the low back causes this.

You should tell us what treatment you have had; what doctors you have seen; and their specialty areas.

An mri scan of the low back usually shows a herniated disc - sometimes there are other tests needed - discography, myelography, etc. - usually testing can be done locally

If you have a herniated disc you may need an outpatient endoscopic procedure to treat it rather than open major surgery.

If the problem is not a disc then pain management has much to offer - please see our links to pain management centers.

Sometimes a patient needs a major open spine operation - we recommend exploring all options before taking this approach.

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