Postoperative Course

Most patients feel immediate relief from pain following the procedure. Walking is permitted the same day and patients can be discharged from the hospital that evening. While the Non Traumatic Discectomy procedure is frequently performed on an outpatient basis, your physician may recommended an overnight hospital stay. Some patients experience low back muscle spasms that may last a few days following the procedure. This pain can be relieved with muscle relaxants and pain medication, if needed.

Most patients can resume normal activities and return to work that is not physically exerting within 1 to 4 days. Patients commonly have the procedure on Friday and go back to work on Monday. Little, if any, postoperative medication is required for most patients.

However it is important for you to realize that you have undergone a procedure and that you should not participate in active competitive sports, heavy lifting or strenuous exercises until you have been released by the physician to do so, (usually within two to six weeks).

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