Advantage of Non Traumatic Discectomy

The primary advantage of this outpatient procedure is that it is effective and very low risk since there is no interferences with the muscles, bones, joints or manipulation of the nerves in your lower back area.

Since the insertion of the probe through the muscle in the only wound, there is no scarring in or around the nerves.

Because the Non Traumatic Discectomy procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, you may be allowed to return home the day of the procedure. Many patients worldwide fly in for the procedure and fly out the next day.

Studies have shown that up to 93 percent of the patients have experienced relief of symptoms with the non-traumatic discectomy.

Patients who do not obtain pain relief within six weeks of the procedure may be considered for other surgical procedures because there does not appear to be any detrimental effect from performing endoscopic surgery prior to other techniques.

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